Is GMX The Intelligent Mailbox at GMX Free Of Charge?

Is GMX The Intelligent Mailbox at GMX Free Of Charge?

Gmx is a popular email and web hosting service provider. It has become so popular that it’s one of the most-used email services on the internet, but with this popularity comes some unfamiliar features to the average Joe. If you’re not familiar with Gmx mail, this article is for you!


Who created GMX?

GMX is a company that was created in 2002 by two entrepreneurs, Guy Michel and Xavier Niel. The company initially offered email services and later expanded to offer other online services, such as shopping, banking, and social networking. In 2013, GMX was acquired by the French telecommunications company Bouygues Telecom.

Is GMX the only intelligent mailbox?

GMX is the only Intelligent Mailbox Service provider that offers a free trial for its service. GMX claims that its AI-powered mailbox can help you manage your email more efficiently and effectively. The company also asserts that its email management features are superior to those of other providers.

However, some experts believe that GMX’s free trial is too limited in scope and does not offer enough value for the money. Additionally, there are several other mailbox services that offer more comprehensive features and are free of charge. If you are looking for an intelligent mailbox service, GMX may not be the best option for you.

What is the free version of GMX?

GMX is a mailbox that allows you to keep all of your mail in one place. It is free to use, and you can access it from any device. GMX is a great way to keep all of your mail in one place, and it is free to use.

How does it work on a free version of GMX?

GMX is a mailbox that allows for users to send and receive messages through an online interface. The service is free to use on a limited basis, and offers various features such as group messaging and contact management. is said to be the intelligent mailbox because it has features such as automatic identification of contacts, which means that it can quickly identify the people you are trying to contact and suggest matching messages.

How does it work on a paid version of GMX?

GMX is a mailbox provider that is free to use on a paid version of the website. The paid version of GMX offers more features, such as the ability to send large files and receive notification when new mail arrives. The free version of GMX allows users to send and receive emails, but they cannot send large files or receive notification when new mail arrives.


GMX is a mailbox that promises to be “the intelligent mailbox of tomorrow.” It has a number of features, including the ability to send and receive emails, access your contacts online, schedule tasks, and monitor your calendar. However, one question many users are asking is whether GMX is free of charge. At this time, it appears that GMX does require a subscription in order to use all its features.

How to Create an Account on Hotmail: Quick and Easy Steps

How to Create an Account on Hotmail: Quick and Easy Steps

The Hotmail email service has been around for a long time, and it’s still going strong. Hotmail is one of the most popular email providers in the world, with over 400 million active users! Hotmail also offers a variety of other services such as photo sharing and storage. In this blog post, we will show you how to create an account on Hotmail so that you can enjoy all these features.


In order to create an account on Hotmail, you will need: An internet connection (broadband or dial-up) A valid email address 10 minutes to spare

  • You can use Hotmail to send and receive emails, chat online, upload documents or pictures to share with friends & family, create calendars for your business as well as your personal life. Hotmail also includes an address book and task list on their web-based software.
  • Hotmail users can also elevate their email experience by creating a Windows Live Hotmail account with all the features that you enjoy on Hotmail, plus new ones such as Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • You will need to sign up for your free Hotmail posteingang or Windows Live Hotmail account using an active email address along with a Hotmail password that you will use to log in.

How to create a Hotmail account in 10 simple steps.

Step One: Visit the Hotmail website and click ‘Sign Up’

To create your Hotmail account, visit their site at and then click “sign up.” You’ll be redirected to an introductory page with the Hotmail sign-up form.

Step Two: Enter your email address and create a Hotmail password

In this step, you will enter your Hotmail account name (exact match) as the new Hotmail username and then choose an initial Hotmail password that is at least eight characters long with two of these being numbers or symbols. Hotmail email addresses are case-sensitive.

Step Three: Confirm your Hotmail account

In order to confirm that you want a Hotmail Account, click on the “Next” button and then follow these steps. If you do not have an active email address, Hotmail will ask if would like one of theirs before proceeding with the confirmation steps.

Step Four: Hotmail will send you an email containing a link to confirm your account

Hotmail sends a security code in the form of an email that contains a link for you to follow and verify the Hotmail Account. This verification process is necessary if it’s not obvious who owns the email address, or when someone wants to change Hotmail account details.

Step Five: Log in to your Hotmail email

When you receive the Hotmail verification code, enter it when prompted by clicking on the “Next” button and then log into Hotmail using your newly created username and password.

Step Six: Enter a Hotmail alias or display name for all of your Hotmail messages

You can enter any name you would like for your Hotmail account as long as it is between eight and twenty-three characters. This alias will appear on all of the emails that are sent from Hotmail, letting others know who they’re receiving a message from without having to open up email.

Step Seven: Hotmail will ask if you would like to make your Hotmail account public

By clicking on “Yes” Hotmail will display all of your messages so that anyone in the world can view them. If you want a private Hotmail Account, click on “No”.

Step Eight: Enter information for other types of email accounts

If Hotmail offers other types of email accounts, Hotmail will ask what type you would like to create. If not, Hotmail will offer the option of creating a Windows Live Hotmail account.

Step Nine: Confirm your new Hotmail Account

To confirm your newly created Hotmail account, click on “Next” and then enter all of your new Hotmail information for the account.

Step Ten: Hotmail will send you a welcome email

After confirming all of your Hotmail details, Hotmail will send an automated email containing tips and tricks on how to get started with Hotmail. You’re now ready to explore the world of free e-mails!

How to Remove Hotmail Account : Step by Step Guide to Delete

How to Remove Hotmail Account : Step by Step Guide to Delete

Have you been using Hotmail for quite some time and I am not getting used to the services that it offers? Well, worry no more because today we are going to be showing you how you can permanently delete or remove your Hotmail account. Over the past few years, we have been making constant articles over how one can sign up or log in for a Hotmail account and get used to it but we haven’t actually addressed the question of what if someone isn’t compatible with using Hotmail for the day today emailing experiences.

We all know that the same thing isn’t good for everyone and you might be the person who is facing problems with using Hotmail as their email client for quite some time. I personally love Hotmail because of its unique interface and the services that it office towards people which are on par with top contenders like Google’s Gmail and Yahoo is Ymail. Hotmail is pretty much the pinnacle of the internet as it was the first one to provide users with free emailing services making communication over the internet a joy for free.

But if you feel out of place while using Hotmail I would request that you delete your account right away and get a new one on a website that would be best suited for you. We are not here to put in ideas into your head but I strongly recommend that if you are deleting your Hotmail account then the other best alternative for it is Gmail. If you are deleting your account for reasons other than ease of access ability then sure go right ahead but in my opinion, Hotmail is as good as it gets.

Remove Hotmail Account

About Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the biggest tech companies out there and has been acquired by Microsoft over its years of existence. Hotmail was released way back in the 1990s which marked the Technological Revolution and brought about free emailing for everyone. On the 4th of July of 1996, Sabeer Bhatia the developer of Hotmail proclaim that his creation was an event at the freedom of speech online and provided people with the ability to send and receive messages for free. This deleting guide will work for, & other English speaking countries if you are looking for a guide in German then follow this step by step guide of Hotmail.

Problems with Hotmail

Hotmail might be one of the first free emailing services out there but it comes with its problems. Many people have complained about Hotmail and its uses because of the poor performance that they were facing with it. Currently, Hotmail has lost its charms and people are slowly moving towards better alternatives like Gmail. Here is why they are doing so –

  • Hotmail hasn’t seen huge updates over a few years.
  • The constant rebranding of the website has caused lots of chaos and confusion in Hotmail.
  • The drivers don’t work a lot and the storage please quit less so people are moving towards better alternatives like G drive instead of using the one which comes with Hotmail that is SkyDrive.

How to Remove Account

Here’s how you can remove your Hotmail account permanently –

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on the account details.
  • Go to security and password.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select close my account.
  • After 60 days your account would be permanently deleted.